what is this piece?

Hate to ask seemingly dumb questions, but…

I can’t figure out what this wooden drawer is for… I thought it was for the galley, but it doesn’t really fit anywhere. Then I thought it was for the nav station… but it doesn’t fit there either. Anyone else with a factory finished boat ca 1990 have one of these?



It might be a chart box that someone never installed. We have one that is mounted to the overhead in the quarter birth. Hinged on one topside of the box with a slide bolt on the opposite topside to hold it up out of the way.

Bob & Lois

BCC Jolie Brise

Hi Bob!

Well I have a chart box in the 1/4 berth. This particular box is smaller, and has that divider in the middle. My best guess is it’s supposed to be a for the nav station, but I just cant get it to fit…

Thanks for the reply!

Ben, it is not a standard SLM item. I suspect the previous owner made it for some particular need…


Ok – well, good to know. Nice little piece, wish I knew what it was for! That other pic makes it look deceivingly large, this one show it in proportion to the rope a little better.


It looks like a draw divider insert, similar to item #09-14095-04.

There were small owner made divider boxes in the galley drawers on Jolie Brise. This looks a little big but could have been made for some other space. Could be it was bought with the intent to modify and fit some specific space.

Bob & Lois

BCC Jolie Brise

Mount it overhead in the quarter berth with two hinges and one or two catches.

it must be a holder for bottles of wine.


Fill the hold with good bottles wine and ship it to us. I will conduct a research program to determine if this is the intended purpose of the holder and write a “white paper” and publish it a this forum.


Well I figured it out… it is for the nav station – but didn’t fit when the SSB was in place, Currently the SSB is napping in the port bunk, so it slid in nicely.

Case Closed.

Too bad for Rod - but a valiant attempt!

As I read about the bottles of wine I was beginning to recall a song by Jim Morris, The Sailboat Race.

Bob & Lois

BCC Jolie Brise