Who is BCC builder George Brinkman?

Hi All,
I am looking at a BCC that is built by George Brinkman, not at the Sam L Morse Co. Does anyone know anything about his work quality, production run, or anything else that might be pertinent to the boat’s performance? Thanks, Sam

That would be the Canadian-built run of BCC’s. If you read Mate’s “Best Boats to Build or Buy”, he details some of the differences in building.

From what I remember, overall quality was very high; uses balsa instead of plywood as deck core; uses bronze castings to hold gunwale instead of wood. (This last version is how you can easily tell them apart when looking at pictures. For example, on this boat: Loading... you can see the bronze castings holding the gunwale and acting as bases for the stanchions.)

Not sure how many were made.

Hi Hypothetical,
I see what you mean about the gunwhale bracing. I am glad to get this information on the quality. Thankyou for your insights and pointing me in the right direction. I will look up the Mate book for more on this. Sam

I have a Canadian built BCC. One of the things I’m up against is removing the mast step. It looks like the builder used epoxy to set the wooden mast step in place instead of bolting a plastic mast step in like the SLM built boats. The wood has failed and it looks like it’s going to be quite challenging to remove it. Only about 1" of the 2" step is above the bilge. Also they did not use any kind of collar at the step like the one used at deck level. Having said this I believe the overall construction quality to be quite good.