Who's out cruising/voyaging now on a BCC?

I’m sure there are a few folks out and about cruising full time on their BCC’s right now. Haven’t heard much about it lately. Anyone have any updates or a roster of who’s actually out there doing a circumnav or extended voyaging right now?


Jill and I are currently in Simonstown, South Africa, preparing to depart for St. Helena and the Caribbean in Feb. We just rounded Cape Agulhas, a big milestone for us.

Our Galatea has taken us to Mexico, the Galapagos, French Polynesia, Rarotonga (Cook Islands), Niue, Tonga, New Zealand, Fiji, Australia, Cocos Keeling, Rodrigues and Mauritius, and to South Africa. We’ve sailed over 25 000 miles so far.

Galatea has taken good care of us, and we’re trying to do the same for her. Her Lyle Hess lines have been recognized all along our route. He seems to have fans in many places.

Fair winds,
Tom Unruh
SV Galatea, #117

PS – I can’t resist adding that Galatea just set a personal record day’s run. On our passage from Richard’s Bay to East London in the Agulhas Current, we covered 204 miles in the last 22.5 hours! Unfortunately, we don’t have an hourly log to document the 1.5 hours before that to get the full 24, but if we just use the hourly average, we could estimate a 213 mile day!!! It was a great place to have all that speed, given the short weather windows. On the other hand, we now have to relearn our patience as we get back to more normal speeds!

Tom, great run! Wish you the best for a safe passage across the Atlantic. Is there a website a snow-bound sailor can follow along with?

Is that it for BCC world cruisers out there at this time? I guess everyone else is too busy replacing their stantions :slight_smile:

Hello Ben,
Shaula is hull #59, built in 1981, and the sumlog has about 55,000 miles on it. We departed Seattle in 1993 for a leisurly trip across the Pacific, arriving in NZ via the usual stops in 1995. We arrived in Australia in 1998 and have been based here since. We’ve sailed up and down the east coast of NSW and QLD 4 or 5 times, and have out to Vanuatu 3 times.

We’ve now in our early 70’s and want to do more cruising in the Pacific NW, where we’ve spent many summers cruising Shaula and our previous boat. We’re shipping Shaula back to North America via Dockwise in 10 days. We hope to be back in British Columbia cruising grounds this coming northern summer.

We’ve enjoyed being based in Australia very much and have many wonderful friends here who we’ll miss very much. The coastal cruising is challenging but rewarding, and the wildlife and forests are spectacular. NZ where we spent 2.5 yrs was also fantastic.

This forum is a great source of information on BCC’s. We have only had internet access in public libraries and internet cafes, so haven’t been able to follow the forum as closely as I would like.

Hearing from the BCC’s out cruising is a great idea and I hope others follow up!
Regards, Dan Dews sv Shaula

Hi Colleagues,

I have been cruising in s/v Destarte’, (formerly Mintaka II and Tyree,) for 2 1/2 years and am currently at anchor in Bahia Santiago, Colima, Mexico. I bought her in Seattle, July 05, sailed the San Juans, Gulf Is.,down the West Coast of the US and continued to Baja. Last year cruised out of La Paz and this year have been exploring Mazatlan and the ports along the Pacific Mainland of Mexico.

s/v Destarte’