WiFi - Gone

Some years ago, while at the Fl Lauderdale Boat Show, I bought a WiFi ’ Booster ’ which was advertised as being able to greatly increase the range you could receive a WiFi signal while aboard your boat. It was designed to mount on a stantion or better yet to be raised with a halyard high above deck. I can’t seem to attach a photo of it but it’s about 2 feet long and weighs 2 or 3 pounds.

I have no idea how well the thing works as I never even got to try using it. But it SHOULD work as I think I paid a couple hundred bucks for the thing.

Since I no longer have a boat I no longer have use for it. If anyone here would like to have it it’s yours for the asking. Actually it’s yours for the shipping.

BTW… I can’t seem to attach a photo of this thing to this post but if you’d like to see what it looks like I’ll be glad to email you a picture.