Willing to trade a Valiant 40 for an almost new BCC28

Hi everyone,

My name is Bernie Jakits, and I run RogueWave Yacht Sales & Services,
here in Annapolis. I currently own one of the last Valiant 40’s
built, and without question, that she is the most beautiful and most
complete one ever to grace our seas. I’ve been a liveaboard and a
sailor for many many years.

My firm has just sold Aloha, the BCC28, which, just week, I did a pre-
survey on her, and while sitting and climbing all over her, fell in
love with her.

So once again, I have this seven year itch, dreaming of having
another high quality boat to enjoy and get to know. In my life, there
was a TaShing Norseman 447, then Pacific Seacraft 34, then my Valaint
40, and maybe hopefully a BCC28. I feel that its a good way to get to
know boats.

Please visit my website, my Valiant 40 will be appearing on within
the next week or so, as I prepare the specification sheet on her. If
you can’t wait, fell free to give me a call.





Hi, Bernie,

Small(er) is beautiful.

I’m glad to see your interest in the BCC, and I hope you can find one
to your liking. Of course, you’ve got the listed ones to check out,
though Hawaii’s a long way from the Chesapeake!

It’s good to hear that Aloha is moving on to her next owner soon,
though I’m sure the Walkers will miss her. But things in life
change, and I’m glad that they can continue cruising. For a
motorboat, their “new” tug has about as much character as a BCC, if
that’s possible.

Good luck in your search.

Tom Unruh
Galatea, #117, Spring '01