Wind generator

Greetings all,
Just thought I would report on a successful
installation of our wind generator. We decied on a Four Winds II. The
installation options are very limited as we all know. So out on the
end of the boomkin it went. I utilized four existing bolts just next
to the backstay termination to bolt down the flange of an 8 foot mast.
Then two support poles from the mast are bolted through the upper
corners of the transom. We are very pleased with the strength and
appearance of the installation. We also have a monitor back there. But
there is plenty of clearance from the end of the 60" blades. I can
offer details of the installation for anyone interested. Write me at
( ).
We have yet to sea test the assembly. But do not expect any
obvious problems.
Congrat’s to Pete and his “wonderful wife” on your new BCC. On
the anchors. We use the second anchor roller assembly on the sprit.
Rojer was kind enough to give us the drawings and I made my own. I
believe this is a must at least if you are going to use a Bruce
regularly. It is difficult to deploy and retrieve the anchor without
beating up the bows. We also carry a 35lb. Delta a 25lb.Danforth and a
12lb. Danforth high tensile. We have not decided on a storm hook as
yet. We use the anchors with 5/16" chain and 5/8’nylon strand. In
various combinations depending on conditions.
It sounds line Jeremy and Nica have the ultimate system though.
We may follow suit as well.

All for now,
Russ and Carol
Pelagic #93