Winter Boat Cover For FC

Hi Guys,

I bought Dora Rose. I still can’t believe I own a FC. Everybody that spoke of her was right, she is a gem and well thought out interior and a great looking Falmouth Cutter. I am having a hard time with her on the hard and not in the water.

To my question, I am wanting to cover her for the winter, but have never had to cover a boat with such a long bowsprit and boomkin with a tarp. So, should I shrink wrap her or tarp for the season. I live in the north east and we get some snow here. Does anyone know of a good way to cover these beauties. I would like to have a custom cover made for next year, seems too late in the season this year to get one made. Again would anyone know of a good shop that makes quality, not max your credit card out winter cover.

Thanks for you time,

Proud new owner!


The best thing you can do is to keep it in a garage or buy a good quality cover. Cover comes in different types, as you said, there can be snow, so ask the vendor accordingly and also take the dimensions with you and rest everything he will take care of.


This reply is coming to you very late, but you or someone else might find it to be of some use.

For the first time since owning Finesse (hull #33), I decided to haul her out for the winter. She “lives” in Seattle and I try to sail in the winter, but I just don’t get out much during that season. I am in the process of having a custom cover made by Power Steering and Marine Specialties in Costa Mesa (949-548-6978). They made the interiors and a lot of canvas accessories for SLM, in the day. Bob Baltierra is still working there, and I had him make new canvas for my mainsail cover and dodger, as well as new interior cushions and custom curtain for the V-berth opening. He made the original canvas and cushions on my boat.

Anyway, Bob will make me a winter cover this month (Jan 2017), and we are in the measurement coordination process at this time. I made a custom poop deck onto my boomkin, but the rest of the boat is like any other FC22. After Bob is done, he will have a good pattern for a FC22 winter cover.

BTW, Bob has already made several all-year covers that look more complicated, but they look like very good covers for boats that are in the water.

Bob has done all manner of canvas for many SLM boats. He crafted a (in the water) full cover for Solimar, BCC 114, which is perfect in every detail. He also has patterns for every job completed in the rafters of the shop.