Winter Projects

Happy New Year! I presume the lack of activity on the site is due to everyone diligently working on winter projects. Although Terrier is on the hard, a new sailtrack is ready to install along with a new Port Townsend full batten-loose footed main. The topping lift is replaced by a spare halyard (which will also act as a topping lift). Also, I will be adding running backstays to oppose the forestay (staysail). And the windlass—the ABI 2-speed will be back and hopefully give me more than a couple of months worth of anchoring or over it goes. The Sabb G-10 has gotten a bit of paint to freshen her up as well.

Happy New Year to you Tom and to everyone. Glad to hear you’ve chosen a full batten, loose footed main. I bought one a few years ago and have been very pleased with it. Cleared up a lot of weather helm. And I now use a cunningham and an adjustable mainsheet traveller which also help. I’m interested in your running backstays project. When I met Brion Toss a few years ago, he recommended installing them - that the intermediates weren’t sufficient in tough conditions and that they impeded a full out main when running. I may follow your example. Good luck with the damn windlass.

BCC 23 “Gertrud”

Hi everyone just getting ready for three months on the boat and completely rebuilt my ABI windlass one speed. Quite the job as it was completely seized. Gently took it apart with a large hammer and my buddy re machined the innards to the kind of tolerances and fit that I may dream about so it is due to be fitted shortly.