Wood burning heat

Is anyone successfully using wood burning heat? Setting my BCC up for the apocalypse and it seems the logical choice.

I have used it on several boats and really liked it.

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Interesting. My logical choice went a different way. I decided against wood because I didn’t have a good place to store a bunch of wood, and I was also thinking that wood might get messy. I went the diesel route instead. I have a Refleks diesel heater. I also researched the Webasto diesel heater and disqualified it due to its reliance on electricity.


I installed a Little Cod woodstove on my BCC fourteen years ago, and I love it. I use it for heat and cooking. I have used it in Maine waters mostly, but have sailed to the top of Labrador in 2019 and used it for heat and cooking for that trip. In order to carry enough fuel for longer trips, I have found the compressed wood bricks work great, especially mixed with drift wood or scraps from my woodworking shop. In warm weather I cook with a gimbled gas single burner or a camp stove on deck.

I’d love to see a picture of that.

Pardon the mess, tearing the boat apart as I do repairs and upgrades.

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Linking the pic of the Fatsco Chummy wood stove I posted in a different thread about heaters: