WTB Mike Anderson wind vane

Ahoy, Im well aware that I can buy a new one but with all the work going into this little boat my reality check just bounced. id love to find a nice used one in good order. Im on the west coast in the PNW if it matters but willing to pay shipping from just about anywhere.
PS I realize how silly it is to think someone would actually remove one from their boat but its worth asking :slight_smile:

In know @benjiwoodboat removed one from Elizabeth. Don’t know what it’s status is.

Thank you, I’ll shoot him an email. I’m thinking if I cant find one Ill just make it.

If you do make it yourself use carbon fiber where possible. The unit will perform better when it is lighter. One day when I’m rich and famous I will change mine over (at least rich). Then paint it and no one will know your a nerd.

Im also looking to put a freehand vane on my BCC .
If you dont find a used one perhaps we could get 4 or 5 of us to order together and get a discount. I believe he’s done that in the past. Im in Southern BC and my boats in Seward AK.

Ive decoded to make my own. Thats a great idea though.

I have plans to build one of these also. I’ve gathered and compiled some design resources over the past couple of years. Let me know if you’d find this info helpful and I’ll email it to you.

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I used cpvc for the upper unit. The weight, including the sunbrella, is 1.5 pounds. I was thinking about carbon fiber, but the cpvc goes right around the backstay, so the backstay provides the needed strength. The color of cpvc is pretty close to the color of the sunbrella so it doesn’t look bad at all in my opinion.

Video of my windvane

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Nice! I’m guessing you don’t have distinct upper (“dogbone”) or lower (“lazy susan”) bearings on this unit - as the whole length of PVC resting on the backstay is the bearing :slight_smile: .

How did you slip the PVC and tee fittings onto the backstay? Do you have a swaged stud at the lower end of your backstay? small enough to slip through the PVC?

Cheers - Jeremy

Standard cpvc is 11/16 ID and 7/8 OD. It slips right over the swaged stud. I don’t have an upper dogbone since is it not needed. The lazy susan attaches to the cpvc with a 7/8 ID stanchion base. The whole thing rests on top of a thrust bearing. The thrust bearing sits on top of a nut screwed onto the threaded part of the lower end of the backstay. Since the whole thing is only 4 pounds, there is not much force anywhere. My lazy susan is 1/4 inch lexan. Same as the doghouse skylight. Here are 2 pictures of the lower end:




Ahoy All,

Just jumping in to restart this thread and see:

  1. If anyone has a Freehand they’re looking to rid themselves of (Ben do you still have the one from Elizabeth?) or
  2. If folks are still looking to buy one- happy to get a group together if we want to ask Mike Anderson about a group discount. I think he did this once before several years ago.

I’m chatting with Mike about a new one, which I’m certain would be a work of art, but also quite pricey!