You can have your boat painted!

You can have your boat painted! No! Not with Sterling paint, but by an artist.

Tom Sachse, once a Chesapeake man and a sailor, has the rare skill of being able to produce action paintings of sailboats. Now relegated to the coast deprived environs of Tennessee, Tom has built a flourishing art business, and his work is very popular within sailing circles.

Tom, an aficionado of the looks of the BCC, although he has never had the pleasure of sailing one, pulled an image from our gallery and painted it in acrylic or oil. The image is attached to this message as a sample of his work.

Tom will provide images of your boat, naturally for a price! All he needs a good photograph of your vessel, and he will create a painting from the photograph.

Standard paintings are 36? x 24? horizontal or vertical, but you can order them at any size.

The paintings are available either as the original painting, or as prints of the original artwork.

A standard size painting will cost $500.00, and the purchaser of the original artwork will be the only person that can order print copies.

You can request a print only, but under these circumstances, Tom will retain the right to sell the original artwork to recover his time and material cost, and retains the right to sell prints to any buyers.

Original painting: $500.00
Original painting at larger sizes available upon request
Photo size print: $12.99 (postcard runs and Christmas card sizes also available)
? Size print: $28.99
Full size print: $49.99

You can see other samples of Tom?s work at

To contact Tom, you can e-mail him here:


Here is another sample of Tom’s work, using one of Rod’s photo’s of Mark’s boat Ligtfoot


That is ridiculous. It looks so real! What wonderful work!

I wonder if he does Westsails…probably should get mine looking that good in real life, first!

It’s so nice to see skills like that.

Aaron N.

Yes. you can; the only criteria is that you supply a good action picture of your vessel. This artwork is almost unique because very few artists can create the feel of action in two dimensions.

However, don’t forget; if you want your boat expressed in artwork you will have to recompense the artist for time and materials. A 36" x 24" original will cost $500.

Beautiful work!
A local friend of mine does boat paintings as well. Mostly commercial rigs but he did one for me shown on his site at