abi bronze windlass

i have an abi manual bronze windlass for sale. it is listed on the equipment for sale page. http://www.samlmorse.com/forum/read.php?9,9897,9897#msg-9897

Hi Jo Anne,
I have an ABI as well.
What are you replacing it with ?

i am doing without. i plan on using 1/4"g4 HT chain. hopefully with the lighter chain i’ll be able to pull in my ground tackle by hand. that’s the plan at least.

It’s not the chain weight but the weight of the boat and the force of
wind and waves that must be overcome to win the anchor. Good Luck.

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Yeah, not to come down on your plan, but Rod is right - The windlass is as important as the rudder IMO.

Oh, I’ll add that I haul my chain by hand 99% of time. The other 1% of the time is in adverse conditions when I HAVE TO break out the anchor ASAP.

If you still plan to hand the chain, you will need a bow roller and
chain stopper. If the anchorage has 1 to 2 ft seas rolling into it,
and you decide to win the anchor, you will have 8 tons moving up and
down… Without a chain stopper or windlass, you will have a difficult
time handing the chain. Suggest you wear leather work gloves to
project your hands while you tend the chain. Good Luck.


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And then there is always that anchorage with three or four knots of current
running when you decide to haul anchor and depart! Or (don’t ask me how I
know) deciding that your trusty ABI may be the answer to kedging off that
shoal you just discovered the hard way! We love our ABI - strong and simple
and easy to maintain and very low amp drain on the battery bank.

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Exactly so.

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I got all my sea-cocks serviced. When I got the bill I got sea shocked. It was for $1700. I was charged $440 for hauling, $150 for installation of the rope cutter to the prop shaft and $90 for checking the shaft packing. Rest for the service.
Live and learn. Actually I could have done all of these (may be not the rope cutter) by myself.
I also hired the chief mechanic of the yard for 2 hours. Since he has worked on the boat for so many years it was pleasure listening to him. I took a lot of notes too. I don’t know how much his bill will be…

Meantime I am not happy with my old WILCOX CRITTENDON head. What would you suggest? A new head or a rebuilding kit?



Go with a Lavac head. I have had experience with more heads I care to count. I have a Lavac on Shanti. It is GREAT!. You could flush a cow down it if need be. Simple setup which is always best.

jo anne,
You don’t need a windlass as long as you are able to sail the anchor out. so you have to be really honest with yourself on that question. Otherwise keep the windlass. That one you have has pulled me off a few sandbars (can’t sail off those).


2nd on the Lavac

…this thread has gotten off track.

jo anne,
You can go with 60’ of 5/16 and 1/2" multiplait and be golden. Easy to haul, and would work very well for your size boat. be sure to use multiplait, as it handles much like chain in the locker.



i had really forgotten about kedging off using the windlass. interesting selective memory on my part. it’s not like i never found myself aground. oh…say it wasn’t so.

Thanks for the update. Please go back to your original seacock thread and give us a more complete seacock breakdown! (The subject here, is “abi bronze windlass”.) What was done about your broken Groco head outlet seacock? What did they replace it with? Was there pitting on the 5 WC tapered plugs? If so, did they do any lapping? Do you know what the hourerly labor charge was?

Please start a new thread if you want to discuss heads. We’ve had a WC Head Mate for 29 yrs.

Iduna is fitted with a Lavac head. The design is fool proof. The
only two valves in the system are in the bilge pump that generats the
vacuum to evacuate the liquid/solid waste. The choker valve in the
Henderson bilge pump is somewhat problematic. The valve weakens with
use and allows a small amount of water to drain back into the head.
Unfortunately, one can not purchase just the choker valve but must
purchase a full rebuild kit - marketing AH.

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If you contact Hendersen directly, they’ll sell you as many chokers as you want without a kit. I was mate aboard a tallship for a while and handled all of the parts acquisition; I ordered twenty while in St. Croix and they were giddy to send them out USPS next day.



That is good news. Whale is a PITA when it comes to their marketing
philosophy - complete rebuild kits.



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Jo anne I would be reluctant to let the ABI windlass go cos they don’t make em any more. I had a lot of trouble finding one, and they now trade at a premium.

hi stewart,

i think you are right. i was unable to delete the for sale post, so i deleted the body of the message. if someone fills me in on how to delete the message, i will be happy to do so.

thanks for the feedback one and all.