Any Puget Sounders out there?

I am wondering if anyone in the Puget Sound area has a BCC who would be willing to show her off a bit to me. I live in Bellingham and I am very interested in learning more about this vessel, as I am considering a purchase of one. The problem is, they are all on the East Coast, at least any that are for sale. I have never seen one. I would like to see one and talk to someone who has a BCC in use around here and see how they like her. I would even be very happy to just chat on the phone. Sam Neuwirth, in Bellingham, WA. My phone is 707 273 2720. Happy sailing!

hello Sam,
I am usually berthed in Port Townsend and will have Terrier #31 there at end of summer. Hopefully you will make contact with someone before then but if not I’d be delighted to give you a tour.


Hello Sam,
Shaula, a SLM boat #59 we’ve owned from its start in 1981, is moored at Shilshole marina in Seattle. I’d be glad to talk to you and show you the boat. We don’t sail in the winter any more, so I can’t offer you a sail until May or so. Every BCC I’ve looked at is different, even those boats SLM finished, because they kept on improving them. I’ll give you a call.
Dan Shaula

Great! I look forward to that exchange. Please call at your convenience. I will be daydreaming in the meantime. Sam

Hello Tom,
Are you the Tom I met in 2009 in Friday Harbour - San Juan Islands, when I was chartering BCC Sentient, before buying Adventure?

I’m sad to say I can’t remember the name of the BCC I saw there, but I do remember that the owner was Tom.

All the best anyway,

By the way Sam,
I chartered BCC Sentient which was berthed with Annacortes Yacht Charters.
If she’s still there, no doubt you’d be able to take a look at her.

Ahoy Sam , nice to hear that you are looking for more information on BCC’s .

My BCC “Calliste” is currently located in Port Townsend, WA ., but she is still winterized on her cradle at a near-by storage yard .

I am in transition and moving from Monterey, CA , to WA , so this is not a good time for me to show or chat about my boat .

I guess that you have talked to Todd at Cape George Yachts, in P. T. , as well .

Yes , I too had a long distance boat purchase , and delivery home, as sometimes that is what’s needed .

Be sure to read the BCC forum archives for further information .

Good Luck

Hi Tom,
Yes, I did check in with the possibility of a charter BCC at Anacortes, and Thanks for mentioning that. Currently that BCC is no longer in charter, however. Well, I am very pleased to have found this website, and since my initial posting I see that there are a lot of BCC owners in our area, so that is great news. There is probably one right near me, it just has all its covers and its Winter cobwebs on it still, but I can see that it wont be long until I see one nearby. Thank You Everybody who checked back with me about this. I will continue studying this website, there is a lot to learn here. Sincerely, Sam

The “Who’s Where” page might also be a help:

B T W , John , would it be possible to update BCC Calliste , position , on the " Who’s Where " list page ?

We moved from Singapore to Port Townsend, WA ., last fall .

Another B T W , didn’t Mark Giegel own a BCC ? Did he sell her and purchase a Cape George 36’ named " Grey Seal " ?

Hey Sam,

Vixen and I are in Seattle. She is a gaffer and has a bit different layout than a lot of the later BCCs. Anyways, you’re welcome to stop on by anytime.


Did you follow John’s directions for Who’s Where in the Sticky? You may have to follow up with a private message to John–I did.

Hi Dan,
I was wondering if I could pay a brief visit to your boat and see her, as I have now found a BCC to buy, but I still have not seen one ever in person, just read a lot. I would only need an hour of your time to see her. I do not need to go sailing on her or anything like that.
The one I am ready to offer on is going to take me to Florida, so it would be dumb to go there having never seen a BCC.
I also had the impression, but I could be mistaken, that you were selling yours, so if that is the case I would like to talk about that with you also.
I am in Bellingham and I could drive to the Seattle area any time if you are available.
I would also consider it worth the drive even if you could not make it, but if I could still see her from the dock, to see how she looks on the outside.
Thanks, Sam Neuwirth. 707 273 2720

Hi Sam,
We are not contemplating selling Shaula any time soon. I would be glad to show her to you. This Thursday afternoon would work for me–how about you? I’ll try and check out the Florida BCC on the internet and maybe notice something for you to check out.

Dan Shaula

Hi Dan,
Yes, I can make it Thursday afternoon. That would be great. Shall we touch base on Wed evening and confirm your schedule? Would you like to give me a call at that time? Sam

I’ll give you a call Wed evening. The FL boat was not finished be Sam L Morse. One of the photos shows a Canadian flag, so it is probably one of the Canadian boats. Sam licensed a Vancouver builder to produce hull and deck and they were finished by several different shipwrights or by non-professionals. As a result, the Canadian boats can vary a lot. SLM also sold kit boats which also can vary a lot.

I had a BCC named “Lightfoot” and after selling her I purchased a Cape George 31 which I named “Grey Seal” I had a previous BCC named “Itchen” which I sold and purchased a Cape George 36 named “Olian Lee” Currently I am sailing a Frances 26 as I sold the Cape George 31 about 2 years ago.

Hard for me to keep up with the boats. I sail in the Rappahannock River and lower Chesapeake Bay. As I now only day sail the Frances suits me better.

All great classic boats. My criteria when buying a boat has always been that it must look as good at the dock as it does sailing.

Best to you
SV Seabird" Frances 26

Hi Mark,
The Frances 26 is a lovely boat. That is the daysailer I would want, or the Annie would be a great boat for more offshore, do you agree? There are none out here on the west coast for sale. The Morris boats seem rare out here on the West Coast. But several professional yacht persons I spoke with have raved about them.
I notice that the BCC has apparently a half-foot wider beam than the Cape George 31. Does that amount to much as a cruiser in terms of comfort or performance to you? Sincerely, Sam

Hello Sam,

The difference in beam was to me insignificant in terms of interior space. Both have good storage etc. To me I found the V berth offered in the CG 31 was a better option as in the BCC the main cabin had to do double duty as a sleeping area and living area. I found I was constantly having to police up the main cabin in the BCC the next morning when I woke. The V berth offered a dedicated space to leave my mess out of the main cabin. Please note that I always had the option underway to sleep in main with lee cloths.

Performance wise having sailed both the BCC and CG 31 I found the CG 31 to be the best sailing of all the boats I have owned. Fast for its size and very well balanced. The argument comparing one boat to another can never be fully resolved as the passion masks objectivity when two boats from different designers have so many virtues.

SV “Seabird”