BCC and resale value

Tom Averna, the marine surveyor who writes a column in 48 North (the sailing magazine published in Seattle WA), made special mention of the BCC in the April 2018 issue of 48 North.

You can read more about Tom Averna, the author, at: http://orcasislandmarinesurveyors.com/about-us-2/

Tom Averna’s comment about the BCC was:

“Some boats retain a higher value
over the years, in some cases increasing
in value. A Bristol Channel Cutter
(BCC) comes to mind as a boat that
will hold it’s value longer than most 28’
boats of the same build year. They are
very well built boats, probably some of
the best built boats I’ve surveyed. But
there’s more to it than just being well
built. Boats like the BCC have a certain
mystique, thanks in part to the way
the marketing department
has developed the dream
of sailing over the horizon
on these salty little boats.
Bristol Chanel Cutters
do fluctuate in value
because some were owner
completed and some
were built by a company
in Canada. It all makes
a difference on what the
boats worth.”

See for yourself by browsing pp. 40-41 at: 48° North Magazine - 48° North

Tom Averna Ask the Surveyor 48 North 2018-04r.pdf (381 KB)

The attached pdf shows the selling price of Bristol Channel Cutters.

This is broker data from July 2017 as reported to Yachtworld.

BCC selling prices.pdf (128 KB)

Wah! Wonderful data, John. Thanks v much. You’re superb!

Additional data of BCC selling prices.

BCC sale history 2017 April.pdf (160 KB)

Wonderful, John. Thanks.

These numbers should help both sellers and buyers determine a BCC’s value.