Beauty and Solitude of Sail

I thought I would start this thread to post a few photos without opening the gallery. I invite all owners of Lyle Hess boats to post a photo depicting the beauty and solitude of sail. There is magic when light, water and sail converge during the early morning hours and the twilight time of evening.

Fair Winds Shipmates,


Off Gabriola Island.

This was shot at sunrise off the west coast of Shizuoka. No sail in the picture, but only capturable by boat.

Nice photo and I like the idea. I’ll add one called “Morning Reflections”
BCC Odyssey

Morning Reflections.jpg


Nice photo and thanks.


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Hi Warren:

I think you forgot to attach the image!

In Eld Inlet. Olympia, WA

Eld Inlet, Olympia, WA - beautiful, indeed.

Good thread idea.


Awesome, just awesome.

I’ll add one

Here’s mine-the sail is still in the bag though!


BCC Xiphias

Veru cool Mark. I believe your photo fits the theme.



Hey all,

Not sure if these count, but they’re nice in their own way.


Ahoy Sailors , Me Too ! I am enjoying the piks the owners have sent in, such precious moments, we have experienced, Thanks for sharing .

BCC Calliste was anchored off Ko Panak Is, in Phang Nga Bay , Phuket, Thailand ,

The entrance to a sea cave, paddle worthy of a kayak, is just off the port bow.

So nice to see the squared away foredeck on the beautifully restored BCC Xiphias .

That anchor windless under the canvas cover, is just amazing, we all should be sooo lucky to have one of those .

Aaron & Douglas:

Thanks for posting the images. All images count that depict the beauty and solitude of sail. Being a “romantic” I believe I am more in tune with the beauty of sail than I am sailing the boat.

Shipmates, we are not looking for National Geographic quality photos. I am certain most of us have photos that fit the theme of this post. Please post your photos - thanks.


P.S. Love the photo of the wheel in the low light of sunrise.

i caught one last night, anchored in Cuttyhunk, ma. Teresa on the foredeck and her nor’sea to port… currently underway towards Pt. Judith, RI.

Here’s one from my trip to the San Juan Islands in May of this year.

Here’s one taken during my trip to the San Juan islands in May of this year.
The days were alternating between grey and cold one day and brilliant sunshine the next.