Fundraising Time

Over the last several weeks we have seen discussions about:

stern chocks,
mast corrosion,
mast paint,
mast step,
Wet cylinder,
cabin heater,
battery location,
etc., etc.

The value of the information stored at this forum in priceless. Further, by having an active forum the interest in the BCC continues, which is also good for the boat’s market price. Access this information is “free”, well almost free.

Yep, it is fund raising time

Coledata hosts this sight and continue to upgrade software and hardware to meet the challenges of the ever changing Internet. The blunt of this cost is born by Coledata, i.e. John Cole. We had two or three fundraisers in the past and it’s time to help support this service.

The goal for this fundraiser is $1,500. We need to show our appreciation for this service by helping offset some of the cost. Unlike NPR, we only come to you once ever few years.

I am asking donations of either $25, $50, $75, or $100. At the $50 level, we just need 30 sailors to meet our goal. Lenora and I will make the 1st donation of $50. A link for donations is shown in the top menu under Forum List. When you make a donation, please add your name to the list by posting in this thread.

I once asked John Cole, if he is willing to shut the site down, should we not make our fundraising goal. His reply to me was, "No! There is too much valuable information about the Bristol Channel Cutter for me to even consider that recourse. John is a form British Naval Officer and loves the traditional of sail. How many businesses would keep a site open that did not pay for itself? We all know the answer to that questions.

When you make a donation, add you name to this thread.

Rod Bruckdorfer

Lenora and I (BCC IDUNA) just donated $50 to support this forum.

Please give a gift of at least $25 to show your support for this forum. At the $50 level, you are only paying about 14 cents per day for 1 year. I need 29 more sailor to make a donation at the $50 level.

Please step up to the mast and support this forum.

Thank You,


Hi Rod,

I’m good for $50. I don’t contribute to the Forum as often as I should, or would like to, but always use it as a first-stop resource. Thanks to all who keep it going.

Derek Lundy
BCC 23

Hi Rod,

I’m good for $50. I don’t contribute to the Forum as often as I should, or would like to, but always use it as a first-stop resource. Thanks to all who keep it going.

Derek Lundy
BCC 23

$50 with thanks to John (and Iduna) from Itchen

Let’s keep the donations coming into this site By donating we are showing John Cole and Coledata, we appreciate the BBC website and his efforts to keep this site running by absorbing most of the cost.

Thanks to those who have donated.


Shaula just added $50 to the kitty. The forum is a great resource for us all–let’s support it!

Dan Shaula BCC 59 (1981)

BCC Zygote (Meryl and I) have put in our US$50.

BCC Scallywag has added $50, I don’t contribute much but enjoy reading + all the good information

Thanks to John + Coledata

Tim Pearia

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Question – payment method? Check? PayPal? I forget how we did it last time.

Hi Rod, and Thank You!

As last time, How can you donate?

By clicking on the PayPal link - [],
or sending a check to:

John Cole
Coledata, Inc
100 Main St
Warwick, MD 21912, USA

Again, thanks,

John Cole
Coledata, Inc
100 Main St
Warwick, MD 21912, USA
Tel: 410 942 9877

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Question – payment method? Check? PayPal? I forget how we did it last time.

We have raised about $200. This is a good start. We need more BCC owners to step up to the mast and help offset the cost of keeping this site on the Internet.

As we all know, nothing is free. A “marine professional” would charge you consulting fees to answer your questions.

The late A.O. Halsey once asked a boatyard how much would it cost to repair his boat’s damaged bowsprit. The yard quoted $900 to $2,000 but they would first have to remove the bowsprit to determine is they could repair it. Yea, Right!

I repaired it in two days at the dock and charged A.O. $75 for materials - my cost. It was about one Bristol Channel Cutter sailor helping another Falmouth 26 sailor. That’s the type of resource available at the BCC forum. I have helped numerous BCC and Falmouth owner, as have many others through this website.

The real asset of this website is the knowhow and experienced available to BCC and Falmouth owners.

Simply stated, we need donations. We have about $500 immediate expenses to renew our domain name and purchase a new router. Other expenses need offsetting are hosting services, labor, software and hardware updates.

Please donate $50 - about 14 cents per day for one year.


$50 with thanks to John, Rod and all who keep it going.

I’m in with a $50 contribution

Ron Thompson
Ho’okahiko BCC97

Elizabeth is in for $50.
With much appreciation, Les Ryan

I have just donated $50. As several others have stated, I don’t contribute a lot of postings to this site, but I check it every day and read all postings. It is truly invaluable.

Thanks for your work, John, and thanks to Rod for initiating the fund raising once again.

Dioscouri (#064)

I’m in for $50.
Nereus and I appreciate the efforts from the webmaster and contributors.

Patrick Rudy

Where do I find the link to make a donation?

SV Rogue

This is Gary SV Rogue. Found the link and made the donation. Thanks for the all the hard work to keep it going. It has helped me tremendously.

Thank you,


Thank You, Thank You

Based on my last count we have raised $500 to $550. This amount meets are immediate expenses to renew the domain name and purchase a new router. Our goal is $1,500 USD. We have one third of the voyage behind us and two thirds of our voyage ahead of us before making landfall. We need more BCC sailors to step up to the mast and donate $50. That’s less than 14 cents a day.

We only come to you about once every 2-3 years. The last time we did a fundraiser was over 3 years ago. Routers and servers don’t’ run on air. Electricity costs. Hardware and software require maintenance and updates. Routers and servers reside in air conditioned rooms. It all cost money.

John Cole at coledata keeps the light on for us. It time to help keep the lights burning and offset some of Coledata’s costs to keep the site "on the Internet.


P.S. Net Neutrality is another hurdle that may affect all of us, as well as this site. The FCC has delayed their ruling because of public pressure. Please, if you have not signed a petition or called your Senators and Representatives, please do so and help keep the net neutral.