Maine Rendezvous 2009

Is it time yet to start planning a '09 rendezvous date and place? I enjoyed Merchants Row last year and wouldn’t mind somewhere in the general Penobscot/ MDI area again if other folks are amenable. July or early August could work at this point for me. Are there folks from out of state that are planning a Maine summer cruise?
Jonathan Fulford


I missed the Maine 2008 event by a few hours. I would love to try again. I can probably fit in an all-nighter up to Penobscot from New Hampshire. However, Casco Bay would be easier. I also see a separate thread on the Sail 2009 event in Boston. That is about the same distance for me, in the opposite direction.

Hi All,
I’m open to a Casco Bay meeting but would favor another Penobscot Bay rendevous, preferably the third weekend of July, 17 through 20. How would that work for any one else?

I’m planning to spend some time after Sail Boston (July 8) working my way North towards Penobscot and beyond, Stops planned for Portland, and Bath so far. I should be pretty flexible with my schedule. So lets try and nail down a location and date that works for everyone. The third weekend sounds good to me.

Bennit going to be around this year again?

Speaking for Bennet without asking him, he is around this summer but I don’t know if his boat will be in the water. He is more than welcome on my boat if he can fit the time in, I’ll ask him and Jen tonight.
Anyone else planning on banging around Maine this summer?
I should have Dawn B. in the water by next week, I can hardly wait to try out the new galley and woodstove.

Opps I miss wrote, Bennet plans to have Osprey in by end of June, and is interested in the rendezous. He said July 17-20 works for him.

Cool! 3 makes a party. I’m penciling (typing) it in.

Itchen going to be around? And Clund from Portsmouth NH, Taleris I think.

Rod, is the August Dame heading that way at all?

If no one minds, I’ll post on the FC forums, to see if any of those guys are around. Any interest in including the Lyle Hess designed Nor’sea 27? I know there is one in Blue Hill Bay. I have a special place in my heart for those lil lyle lovelies.

I have noted the July 17-20 date range. I should be able to make it but those dates might mean my wife stays home (her old college roommate is visiting that week).

I have met the owner of the second BCC based here in Portsmouth, NH (Goose). Let me see if I can recruit him.

It looks like both Cacso Bay and Penobscot Bay remain in contention. I can make either but Cacso is easier simply because it is closer).


Great – Craig, I plan to stop in Portland to visit a friend, so if the dates work out, we could sail east together to wherever we decide to have the rendezvous.

Cool about Goose… hope he can make it out.


I will pass the word along to August Dame. I will send you their cell phone number via private e-mail.


Anytime late July should probably work for Itchen. We launched last week and plan
to be around Belfast through July and August. Slightly favor Penobscot Bay but anywhere between Schoodic and Pemaquid could work for us without turning it into a three or four day cruise to get there and back. Maybe we could meet somewhere the first evening and then cruise on (race!) to somewhere else the second day? For something farther afield and interesting, there’s always the Great Wass area.

Good idea Scott on the multi-day event!

I’m game. I’d like to get to Great Wass/Jonesport this year. That’s probably a 2 day sail from Vinalhaven area right? …And a 4 days sail back :wink:

Perhaps we meet in a sensible location for all, and then those who can carry further east will do so ??? Cuz just getting to Penobscot can be a 2-3 day event for some of us. Vinalhaven/Merchants Row always seems to me like a central location, but further West options might be Port Clyde, Tenants or somewhere in Mussel Ridge.

Other suggestions and timeline/schedule concerns?

Any further thoughts on this? I’m planning on the July 17th weekend at this point… hope that’s still the plan. I saw Jonathon’s post in the FC forum, and a mention of August… I’ll be gone by then.

I’m going to be in Portland/Casco Bay area for a few days the weekend before, 11-13 roughly.

The first posting on the FC list is from last year, the second one is for this year. Guess I should have started a new posting to cut down on confusion.

I like the idea of Mussel Ridge then making it a moving event for those that can do it. Does that help enough for you Craig?


oh right – i didnt look closely at the dates.

Yeah Mussel Ridge works for me - there’s a few decent anchorages there as long it’s not too swelly. Fog Season! I’ll have to dig out my charts to help recall just where they are.

I will probably sail up the week before and leave the boat someplace. Can anybody recommend a reasonably priced mooring field within a half-day sail of Mussel Ridge?

I have also interacted with Charles (owner of the other NH BCC). He was vague about attending.


July 17 and a few days thereafter should work for Itchen. Long Cove, to the right on entering Tenants Harbor, is roomy and protected with good holding and convenient to Tenants facilities. Probably lots of other possibilities that we’ve not yet explored. We plan to use the rendezvous as a starting point for a longer cruise down to Great Wass/Mud Hole and maybe Roque Island and points between. I’d vote for a rendezvous-cruise with all welcome to head the same way and just peel off for home whenever individual schedules dictate. After the first day we could just decide what the next stop woulld be, depending on wind, weather and whim.

All sounds very good to me… cant wait. Hope I can get it all done by then!

So as June draws SWIFTLY to a close, how are schedules shaping up for everyone regarding the July 17-? rendezvouz?

I’m scrambling to get Elizabeth ready for a singlehanding trip up there… tiller pilot install, monitor windvane rebuild, solar panel mounts, electronics wiring etc etc etc… But still planning to be there!