New Owner - Waxwing

Well as of tomorrow, July 12 2023, I will be the new owner of Waxwing. She is hull #22 and single owner up to this point.

She is an owner finished vessel, and from the looks of her she has been done right. I believe delivered with just two main bulkheads. She has a queen berth upfront. I know very little of her travels other than she was launched in San Francisco, cruised the Pacific coast to and thru Panama Canal, the Gulf and has been tucked away in a little creek off of Mobile Bay for sometime.

I am lucky to have found her, good times ahead for both of us.

I’ll try to document her revival here as much as possible.


I said with Waxwing (Stan and Barbara) many years ago when we were both cruising the Exumas, Bahamas. I was on my own BCC, Dilkara, at the time and it was so unusual and so much fun to meet another BCC. We sailed together briefly and then we headed down to the Virgin Islands and Waxwing sailed the East Coast. You’ve got a great boat.
Ray Walton

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Hi Tom - Congratulations on purchasing Waxwing and welcome to the family. I’ll update the owners database and map. Let us know if you have any questions while you get to know the boat.


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Thank you. Her new home port is Islamorada FL.

There is a great little anchorage ocean side just inside of Tavernier Key if anyone here is cruising by. I’m just a short dinghy ride from there for any maintenance or supply needs. Or you can just tie up to my dock.


Many thanks to Stan for getting her across Mobile Bay. She awaits haul out, unstepping, bottom job and possibly awl grip.


Hmmm . . . I just emailed Stan to ask if your boat was still available. Oh well.

I hope you have great adventures with her in the future!

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Will need a new rudder and gudgeons/pintles Trying to get in touch with Capegeorge Cutter to see how much a new fiberglass one is. If that doesn’t work I’ll rebuild.

Also looks like some rot on the cover boards under the bulwarks, hopefully not too bad and I can repair without removing the bulwarks completely.

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The rudder looks bad, but you might be able to dry it out, impregnate it with resin, and fiberglass it.

Congratulations Tom! I’m in Michigan on Northern Light hull #110. Owner finished.
Thanks for bringing this grand lady back to life.
Best Wishes! Nike

Congrats! Waxwing was the first BCC I saw in person. Photo from 2006 at Pensacola Beach.