RE: [BCC Forum Post] IDUNA: Re: Fund Raising Campaign for the BCC & FC Forums

Calypso has made a $100 donation (sorry we can’t match the generosity of
those ahead of us).

Rod, thanks for looking into this again. John, thanks for keeping the site
going into the red. You are covered for back fees now!

Okay, folks, we are 60% of the goal established by Iduna. Let’s see if we
can get it all the way there and then some by the end of next week!

Hmm. The three boats who have contributed are the ones going to Turkey
Shoot. Anyone else out there for a double play?


BCC #6, s/v Calypso

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Thank you so very much for your generous support of the BCC and FC websites.
The benefits of this site to BCC and FC owners is priceless.

Looking forward to meeting you at the Hospice Turkey Shoot Regatta.

Again Thank You.

Fair Winds,


Itchen’s in for $50.

On Fri, Sep 26, 2008 at 5:30 PM, BCC Forums wrote:

Wow, I am thrilled that we have generous individuals who believe in the importance of this website. Thank You.

Currently we have generous donations from Nica and Jeremy Waters, Thomas Winkler, Warren Frazer and Scot and Dot Odell.

If we can meet our goal of $1,000, we will have a enough funding to support the site through December 2009. We are not there yet. Please make a donation to support this website. The amount you donate is not as important as just donating whatever you can. It’s your website, the place you go to ask questions and find answers. Please make a donation and help support the website that is advertising free, spam free and secure.

To all who have made donations, Thank You, Thank You.

Fair Winds,


Hi Nica:

Thank you so much for the support.

It might be helpful if a LAT/LON was provided for the Turkey Shoot assembly. There are ~ 6 BCC’s on the Chesapeake, the furthest north being Surprise, in Havre de Grace.

I can’t be there, although I wish I could, it seems I might have to be in ME at that time.

Don’t forget to set a course that benefits the BCC’s slight hull idiosyncrasy so that everyone can turn in a “best performance”!

Hey,this site is the best thing on the internet. Jolie brise is in for $50.

Bob & Lois

Bcc Jolie Brise

Bob & Lois:

Thank you for your support of the website. The information at this site is invaluable.

The first place I go when I have a question about the BCC or equipment is this website. If I can not find an answer by conducting a search, I post the question and receive at least one answer or suggestion. Without this site and support of BCC owners we would all be out there by ourselves.

Thank You,


Great that you had the foresight to realize this was an issue, thank Rod. I just donated $100,



Thank you for your generous donation. Without individuals like you and the others who have also donated generously, this website would have to shutdown. It would be history and part of the legend of the Bristol Channel Cutter and Falmouth Cuter.

I do not know if it was foresight to head up this fundraiser as it was an economic necessity to raise the funds to keep the website on the Internet. So far 7 individuals have the foresight to understand how valuable the website is. That represents only 1% of the 567 subscriber to the website.

Where are the rest of the subscribers? If the subscribers would each donate $5 RIGHT NOW, we would have enough funds to keep this site online for several years. It’s not how much you donate, it’s the fact that you show your appreciation for the enjoyment most of us receive from reading the threads and project discussions that take place here. I look at the hits at the gallery and know other sailor enjoy looking at these fine boats just as much as I do.

IF YOU HAVE NOT DONATED PLEASE DONATE $5 OR $10 NOW. If you think Coledata makes any money from the funds we raise to keep the site online, you need to think again. Coledata does not even break even. John Cole does this because he believes the Bristol Channel Cutter and Falmouth Cutter are some of the finest sea boats built. Regardless, Coledate has to meet a payroll and servers, software, human resouces and electricity cost money.

Thank You again,

Fair Winds,


Tortuga BCC 87 will contibute $100 to the support of the forum, which is most helpful. Regards, Paul Achenbach


Thank you for your generous donation to help support this website. The BCC & FC website are so important to our community. In this age of large plastic production boats, the BCC and FC standout in any port as an example of what sea boats were all about in the age of sail. Technologies and materials have change since those times but the sea has not and our boats were built for the sea.

We just posted IDUNA’s position at Who’s Where and saw your posting for the Forked River on Barnegat Bay. Who’s Where is just cool and I believe a valuable asset for the FC and BCC website.

Again Thank You for your support.

Fair Winds,


Mark of the BCC Salute:

Thank you for your generous support of this website. Its’ because of sailors like you who understand the importance of this website to the BCC and FC communities that this fund raising campaign is a success.

When we owned our Nor’star Flicka African Moon, we were alone until I started the Flicka website. Today the Flicka community is vibrant and very active. Without the BCC and FC forums we would be “out there” alone in a sailing community that believes the large plastic production boats are proper passagemakers. I believe you would tell them otherwise. Your voyage from California via the Panama Canal to the Chesapeake Bay was incredible - wow.

Again Thanks You for your donation.

Fair Winds,



Thank you for your generous support of the website. One of the great aspects about this forum is we can offer support to projects such as your’s and at the same time those projects give us new ideas or ways of doing things.

Saw your Elizabeth’s posting at Who’s Where - cool.

We need younger sailors, such as yourself in this traditional boat community. It’s good to have you aboard.

Thank Again,



Thank you for your generous support of the forum. It’s great that BCC sailors have come together to recognize how important this site is, especially to someone who is based in Alaska. I believe this forum keeps the enthusiam alive for these wonderful boats and can offer support to BCC’s in remote locations.

So far it’s only been the Bristol Channel Cutter family that has given support to this website. I am hoping the Falmouth Cutter family will start donating to help support the website. We have more than achieved our goal but I would like to raise about $2,000 to keep this website on the Internet for a few years before we have to have another fund raising drive. Counting our pledges, we have raised close to $1,500.

Where are the Falmouth Cutter Sailors?? Please support this website. It’s not how much you donate but that you also become an “owner” of this website. Donations of $5, $10, $20, $25 all help keep this site online. If you do not have a PayPal account send a check or a few dollars to:

ATTN: BCC & FC Forums
419D Concorde Street
Havre de Grace, MD 21078

The Falmouth Cutter is a wonderful seaworthy boat and some would say it is perhaps a better sailing boat than the BCC. Certainly, it was one of Lyle Hess’s favorite designs. Sailors have made incredible voyage in Falmouth Cutters.

Falmouth Cutter sailors, we need your support. Please make a donation to this website. please help keep these legends alive.

Again, Ron, thank you for supporting this site.

Kind Regards,


Ho’okahiko is in for $50.

Ron Thompson

Dawn B. is in for $100.00
Jonathan Fulford

Ho’akahilko & Dawn B:

Wow, thank you for believing in his site and your generous donations. Our family of supporters now ranges from Hawaii, to Alaska to Portugal.

When I first started this campaign, I did not know what to expect. Today, I am very positive about the future of this website. It’s important to keep these wonderful seaworthy boats on the Internet. The BCC is a legend and is admired.

Thank you for your support,



Thank you so very much for your generous support. We found your boat on Who’s Where as well as the BCC database. Portugal certainly has a seafaring history and is well know for its great Navigators in the Age of Discovery. They were brave sailors to watch the north star slowly disappear beyond the horizon as they sailed south around the Cape of Good Hope. Today, we push a button and Lat-Lon is displayed almost instantly. Vasco de Gama perhaps would have sold his soul to have such technology. Although the technology as changed the sea has not.

Thank you for being part of the Bristol Channel Cutter and Falmouth Cutter family.

Fair Winds,


Tim Pieria:

Tim, thank you for your generous support of this website and believing in it’s importance to the Bistol Channel Cutter and Falmouth Cutter families. This is our website and the site will undergo a few minor changes over a period to time to reflect the fact that we are the owners of the site.

In the near future, one of our owners will be publishing his project at the Forum and at the Gallery. Based on the discription, it is exciting and is a mark of a true craftsperson. I will have to wait along with the rest of us.

I would like to see more pictures published at the Gallery. When we sail or complete a project we need to take photos and publish them at the website. We all enjoy looking at these lovely boats and we need more images. When you sail, take a camera with you and capture at least one image. It does not have to be a National Geographic prize winning photo but we do need more images. I need to improve in this area. We have a great website, let’s all help to make it better.

Again, thank you,

Fair Winds,


We are in for $25.

We have owned hull # 32 Mandy for 5 years and are close to ready to head South from San Diego to Mexico and beyond this November. The site has been a big help for ideas for refitting and updating.

Are there any other West Coast BCC’s heading South this fall?

Keep up the good work,

Richard & Virginia Cross
Mandy #32

Dioscouri will donate $50, however, I will need to get to a bank to get a bank draft as I do not use Pay Pal. I hope to arrange that sometime this week and will send the cheque to the address previously provided.