San Francisco

I would love to have another San Francisco get together this spring. We had one in Marina Bay about four years ago and it was a lot of fun (6 or 7 BCCs and a bunch of nice folks). There were many empty downwind slips?there then. I don’t think that is the case now, but I’ll check it out the next time I’m there.?Meeting in a place like Clipper Cove is another possibility. Even anchoring out in Richardson Bay with dinner in Sausalito might work.?
BCCs in the Bay include Shamrock, Anita Rock, Glory, Penguin, Junessa, Kikoranghi, Adventure, my boat Odyssey,and soon to arrive Devon. That’s nine boats plus Ron Walton?who sails a Falmouth Cutter out of Alameda. I have e-mail addresses for all of these owners except Junessa and Adventure.
?Lets put this out there and set a place and date.
Wayne Edney

There may still be a 10th BCC in the Bay Area; Last seen it was named Chatauqua Owned by Chris and Dick Todd, it use to be docked at Alameda Marina by Svendsens Marine Travel lift. I understand the boat sold and have not seen it lately, may still be bobing around here somewhere.
I’ll see if I can locate Chautauqua’s present owners and give pass along the word.
Best Wishes,
Marty Chin

Hey There. Check out Latitude 38 page 123 to see Junessa looking good on a windy day. Beautiful. Very, very nice shot. That hard dodger looks cozy. Xiphias had one too and I didn’t know there where any others.
I’m thrilled to see the San Francisco BCCs coming out again. I’ll surely fly in for a Rendezvous so I can meet all of you and see those lovely BCCs. I don’t think we will be bringing Aloha this time. I’ll bring photos.
Kate Christensen
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We would love to be a part of that BCC reunion. Call or email if I can help!
It sounds like great fun. See you on the water! Rufo

The biggest hurdle is the date and the place. When and Where. We did a raft up here in the Chesapeake in 2002 and that was great, but the shore party people where a bit dependent as we were about 2 miles from a landing.?In afterthought, we felt?that a marina, or at least a nearby marina was a?good idea.
When you set a date and a place, it becomes real and takes on a life?of its?own.
Kate Christensen
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Greg and Jill,
Great idea! The first one of these events that I attended was about 4 years ago in Long Beach. It was a Hess boat get together and a lot of fun. We actually sailed down from San Francisco and spent a couple of weeks in the Channel Islands.
Right now, the first task is to find a location. I counted 5 adjoining empty downwind slips across from my boat in Marina Bay this weekend. There are others, but they are spread around the marina and who knows what will be available in a couple of months. Where do you have your event in April? If you or anybody else out there has any ideas, let me know. I would like to set a date as soon as we can decide on a location.
BCC “Odyssey”

delezynski wrote:

I am A Nor’Sea 27 owner and look into the BCC group every so often as
I love Hess designed boats. If you are thinking about having a
get-together here in the San Francisco Bay, and think it may turn into
a Hess designed get-together, let me know! It would be a GREAT time!

By the way, we have a Nor’Sea get-together during the April, Sail Expo
West (on the Saturday) and a Boat Crawl. If any of the BCC owners
would like to drop in, I am sure you are welcome to join in.

Greg & Jill Delezynski
S/V Guenevere
Our home page is at:

Hi Wayne and BCC people…!

Every year we have a ‘Nor’Sea Fest’ in Oakland California. This event is held yearly
during the Pacific Sail Expo Sailboat Show at Jack London Square. This year we are
having the lunch and boat crawl at the Oakland Yacht Club, Saturday, April
17. The Boat Show is just a few miles away and runs Wednesday thru
Sunday. We usually have 6 to 10 Nor’Sea 27s and about 30 plus people.

This year we will celebrate Greg and Jill’s retirement to full time world
cruising. They are leaving the working class and heading out to explore
the planet. Here is their website: (a fabulous site that has the reprint from Good Old Boat)

George Marcotte is also singlehanding his Nor’Sea 27 around the world and
is presently in Auckland, New Zealand. He may fly in for the event. His website is:

The Oakland Yacht Club is a great place to meet, has good food and nice
people. We really have a grand time at our yearly ‘Nor’Sea Fest’ and would
WELCOME BCC owners to attend, have some drink and food with us
and crawl around several Lyle C. Hess boats that will be tied up at the docks
just outside the front door. If you would like to attend please let us know so
we can arrange some guest slips. etc.

Also several Montgomery 17 sailors/boats will be in attendance.

Kate: I was also interviewed and am working on some information about the late
and great Lyle C. Hess. For more information about my old friend see this link:

(3 good stories about him)

Douglas: Lyle and Ernie Guyrie tooled the Fatty Knees dinghys mainly
in Lyle’s garage. The idea was to provide Lyle’s (now deceased)
son a source of income. My friend John Hess (lyle’s nephew) did agree
to build the dinghy’s and also provided Lyle’s son a job. John Hess built the
dinghy’s for several years and according to him, lost more than $200,000.
(really there is no money building these dinghy’s…!) He stopped production
and after a couple of owners, the molds were sold to Eddy and Duff where
they are built today. John Hess still visits our factory to smell the fiberglass and
teak sawdust once in a while. (last visit was 5 months ago?)

Fair winds
Bob Eeg
(949) 489-8227

I think having a Hess get together is a great idea and I?would like to be the first BCC owner to be added to the list of participants. There are 8-9 other BCCs in the Bay and?I will pass the word to them.??The date and location in close proximity to the boat show are an added bonus. ?
Would you like interested owners to email you directly?
???Looking forward to a great weekend in April.
Wayne Edney

Dear Bob,
Thanks for the post! You are a wealth of information. Let’s make this the year to honor Lyle Hess. When Marianne, the interviewer, asked how many designers continue to have their boats in production after they are gone, I couldn’t think of any. How about that! I guess we are a loyal following.
Thanks for the NorSea update. We do like?to know what is happening with the Nor’Sea gang. Sounds like a great event on April 17th. Bernie and I are thinking of coming sans boat. As I’m from California, I like any excuse to fly back and do so often.??I’d love to see all the NorSea gathered.
Kate Christensen
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Hi Wayne

Adventure, hull 79 cant make it - skipper in mexico until 1 may

douglas norris


2 things:

  1. Please add me to the list for the BCC/Lyle Hess rendezvous in the
    Bay. I doubt if I will have time (or crew) to bring “Mon Desir” up
    from Southern California, but I believe that I can attend.

  2. I was at a Lin and Larry seminar yesterday, here in Minnesota,
    and mentioned this idea to them. Lin said that they are doing a one
    day seminar the day before the boat show, but they could not commit
    to attending the rendezvous. And Larry asked if there would be a


S/V Mon Desir
BCC #18

An Invitation to all SF BCC Owners,
Anyone interested in an informal BCC get together next weekend,
April 17-18 is invited to sail on over to D-Dock at Marina Bay in
Richmond. I spoke with the Harbor Master this morning and confirmed
that there are at least a half of dozen slips available for guests.
The original plan to join the Northsea group at the Oakland Yacht
Club is no longer workable. Since this is also Sail Expo Weekend it
might be fun to do that during the day either Sat. or Sun. and have
time to share BCC ideas either Friday or Saturday night. I can
provide directions for folks arriving by either boat or car.
If you are interested send me an e-mail.
Wayne Edney
BCC “Odyssey”

Please double check and let me know how many slips are available at the Oakland Yacht Club. Without direct confirmation from the Northsea Group, Tycho Horning (BCC Penguin) called me while hauling out in Alameda and said that he had spoken to the person in charge of guest slips and that they only had reserved space for 3 Northseas. In addition, the Yacht Club was expecting 25 boats from Vallejo next weekend. I assumed that this meant no room for the larger Hess get together we had talked about.

 If we can confirm space available, Odyssey, Penguin, Glory, and Anita Rock are all interested.  There may be a couple of others as well if we can post confirmation on the BCC Group site.  In addition, I know several people plan on arriving by car.  Are there slip numbers that we need to know about at the Yacht Club?

 If this is all a go from your end lets?stay with the original plan because we all would love to be in close proximity to the boat show and enjoy the company of other Lyle Hess boats.??

 Hopefully looking forward to seeing you in Alameda!


Looks like the OYC is going to be a pretty busy place next weekend. At this point it appears impossible to squeeze in 4-5 BCCs.

We will stay with the plan of an informal get together at Marina Bay that weekend.

Take Care,
Wayne Edney

— Gary Campbell <garycampbellusa@y…> wrote:

I am the point of contact for the Nor’Sea 27 get
together this Saturday at OYC. It is unfortunate
we couldn’t have gotten together earlier. There
be about 5 Nor’Sea’s at OYC but unfortunately

another Sail-In of 20 boats. There are a couple
BCC people coming in from the East Coast, Aloha
and Peter Pike.

How many people do you have for your Sail-In? I
not firmed up Dinner plans at OYC. We might be

to meet there for Dinner Saturday night. Saturday
afternoon we have a boat crawl on OYC docks. You
certainly welcome to come on over.

If all else fails, let’s plan a joint get together
next years boat show.

Gary Campbell

Wayne and everyone who is coming to the Norsea Fest.

Greg Delezynski just called me and said that Marina Village Yacht Harbor
(which is 250 feet from the Oakland Yacht Club) has available 4 spaces for
BCC 28s. These are slips according to Greg and one of you BCC people HAS
to call and talk to ‘Alan’ tommorrow early. His number is (510) 521-0905.

Tell him you are calling to confirm and reserve those 4 slips for the
“Lyle Hess get together” this coming weekend. Tell him your arrival times,

Greg talked to a "Linda Tromblay’ this morning at the Marina Office (Same number) and
she said Alan was out until tommorrow morning and to call early. This Marina is large
and very nice…

Should’nt be a problem.

See you all this weekend…

Fair winds
Bob Eeg
(949) 489-8227

Thanks for working on this. However, at this point the consensus
here seems to be to just stick with the Marina Bay location. I have
talked with a couple of people who were interested in just dropping by
Marina Bay by car. I gave them directions, but do not have phone
numbers if there were a change in location. I will post your note on
the BCC Group so that any other owners who may want to take advantage
of Marina Village can do so.

Hi Wayne

Don’t forget that Kate from Rogue Wave is attending…
If would be nice if some of you BCC people could attend.
We want to meet you and see your boats…!

Kate is flying in from the East Coast…

Good food at the Yacht Club. Great showers. plenty
of nice Lyle Hess people to meet.

I’ll buy you a beer…!

Fair winds


Marina Bay, and dinner at the Oakland Yacht Club. If you are all at the Marina Bay, I’ll come over there and visit you all, then we?can all go back to the Oakland Yacht Club for dinner.

I’ve invited Lin and Larry Pardey to come for dinner.
Peter Pike of S/V Devon is coming to dinner.

Let’s get a count and let Gary Campbell know how many we are, at least roughly. The Yacht Club is very nice and easy for a fun dinner party. I’ve been there before. I’ve copied Gary Campbell on this email so we can RSVP for dinner.

Gary Campbell []

How’s that sound.?
Kate Christensen
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Maybe one of the BCC people could move their boat over for Saturday afternoon?

Plenty of us NorSea people would love to see one up close.

I don’t know how far Marina Bay is from the Oakland Yacht Club…
any ideas?



Thanks for the invite, calendar full for this weekend, BCC Shamrock
put to bed for the weekend in Ballena Isle Marina.

Look for you next time.

Best wishes to all BCC & Lyle Hess boat owner.

Marty Chin