Dry Center of Gravity

Ahoy Guys , will be trailering my BCC home , have a 10 T 3 axel flat bed trailer ,
and a steel cradle to put on it .
Need to know where is the “Center of Gravity” fore and aft is for a BCC , can anyone help with this ?

Major points are:

  1. For any BCC, location of the LCG can move tens of mm (an inch or three) fore or aft depending on stowage, fuel, and so on. On Zygote, low level of fuel and provisions moves the LCG forward 30 mm.

  2. For a ‘standard’ BCC, start by identifying midships. For most all SLM Co BCCs, midships is v close to the aft beveled face of the channels (the chain wales, the timbers extending the shroud chainplates outboard). Then measure about 150 -160 mm (6.7") aft of amidships. That should be v close to your LCG, depending on fuel, stowage, etc. On an SLM Co BCC in reasonable trim, the LCG should be close to the base of the 3rd lifeline stanchion.

Bil Hansen

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Above was my ‘quick short’ answer. Which should get you within cooee of the plane of the Longitudinal Centre of Gravity (LCG).

With luck and good management you’ll find attached to this post my first (and ultimately unsatisfactory) first draft of BCCIB 4-1 on Lifting and Blocking Zygote. See pp. 2 - 4 and more.

I’ll revise BCCIB 4-1 one day. Maybe.


BCCIB 4-1 Lifting and Blocking.pdf (455.7 KB)

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Hi Douglas,
Are you trucking Calliste back to NY from Port Townsend?
Dan. Shaula

Hi Dan , only trailering Calliste from Point Hudson to 4 mi South .

Thanks for comments on the first draft of BCCIB 4-1.

I’ve done a quick (and likely not perfect) job of revising to pick up on your comments.

BCCIB 4-1 Lifting and Blocking 2022r.pdf (782.4 KB)


Xlnt protocol and clearly written. Photo docs with outlines = wow. Thank you, mostly applicable to any boat.

Brilliant set of instructions ! Thank you Bil.